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About the trustee

The Scheme is run by a Trustee Board – Lloyd’s Register Superannuation Trustees Limited.

The Trustee meets regularly to ensure the Scheme is running well and to review items such as investments and administration.

The current Directors of Lloyd’s Register Superannuation Trustees Limited are:

Nicholas Godden – Independent Chair
Jonathan Kleinot
Simon Nice
Doug Wagstaff
Nick Williams
Chad Colby-Blake*
Dermot Cronin*
Rhoda Willson*

* Denotes Member Nominated Directors (MNDs). The MND appointment procedures are compliant with the Pensions Act 2004, and the current Trustee Board meets the requirement that at least one third of Directors are member nominated.

The Trustee Board is based at:

71 Fenchurch Street

Trustee registered number: 100145126

Company number: 01971635