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Standard Life

The LRSFA DC Section is looked after by Standard Life.

You can log onto the Standard Life website to get information about your pension account. 

On this site you can:

  • See your current investment fund choice, fund value and your selected retirement date.
  • View member and transaction summary.
  • Update investments and personal details.
  • Access a range of modelling tools. 
  • View the range of investment funds available, current fund fact sheets and switch funds if you wish.

You will need to register on the Standard Life website before being about to view your pension information.

To visit the site please click the 'Your Account' icon at the top right of this page.

Once on the landing page you will see a ‘Register for online servicing’ link which you will need to click to access the registration page; you will be asked to confirm some personal details, as well as creating your own personal logon ID and password.

Alternatively you can contact Standard Life via Telephone on the specific LRSFA number - 0345 850 9186